Monday, February 11, 2008

Tsunade Cosplay, anyone?

Hahaha. Funneh, I know. I just wanted to see if the costume would look good on me before I put it all together. Great. My boobs fit the part.. (-_-)'

Anyway, it might take time because I'm a bit short on dough. But I'm definitely doing this!

BTW, this is me, yes. I painted the costume though.


sin said...

see? you 'fit' the part! ;) yaha!

fran said...

love the red stamp!!!

karaiwashi said...

Sin, thanks. Let's do this after the catalog mayhem ha? :)

Fran, thanks. that's my new sig for 2008. :)

sin said...

syur! good luck with the catalog! :D

La Vicentini. said...

hahaha... i loved it! i'd like to be a Tsunade cosplay ;~ KISSES