Monday, February 11, 2008

if he loses, can i eat him?

Okay, so for those who haven't read the manga of Naruto take note the ff contains spoilers. who cares anyway.

In 388 Itachi and Sasuke battle it out (which gets boring as every chapter passes by. can't they just get it over and done with?!). Well, as usual, one keeps on trying to convince the other that he is stronger blah blah. Itachi gains the Mangekyou Sharingan (which is the ultimate power of his clan/bloodline) which robs him of light. He then plans on getting Sasuke's Sharingan. SInce it hasn't reached Mangekyou yet, Itachi can have Permanent Mangekyou through his brother's eyes ("you will be my new light"-chapter 387)

So anyway, Zetsu (who is Itachi's comrade, another member of the Akatsuki Org) is there to watch the bout between the brothers and plans on "snacking on" Sasuke after Itachi defeats him. But wait! It looks like his comrade might not have gained victory yet!

Hyukhyukhyuk! Click here for full view of the comic parody. (Blogger doesn't want to enlarge it, godknowswhy)

Naruto chapter 388, page 13; Zetsu; Itachi (c) Masashi Kishimoto
Zetsu-Itachi Parody by Karaiwashi(ladyfish)

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