Tuesday, February 12, 2008

coin purse blues

I have almost nothing on me now. Not even enough for a cabride home. I have to take the bus. Tomorrow is payday, but more than half of it goes to 4 credit card bills, thus leaving me with an amount worthy to be put inside a coin purse, not a wallet. I am never going to keep more than 2 ever again!

My latest WIP to keep me sane and happy: Nidaime Hokage (I like him more than the Shodai Hokage)

A little something about him: The Second Hokage (Nidaime Hokage) was the younger brother of the First Hokage (Shodai Hokage), making him the grand uncle of the Fifth Hokage (Godaaime Hokage Tsunade) and Nawaki (Tsunade's brother). He was highly skilled in water jutsu, and could even perform them without a water source. He contributed greatly to the development of Konoha by establishing the Ninja Academy and many more of Konoha's systems and organizations. He died while fighting in the Ninja World War, after first having given his title of Hokage to his student, Sarutobi. Decades after the Second's death, Orochimaru resurrects both him and the First to battle their former student, the Third Hokage. With the Third unable to defeat them in his old age, he seals away their souls, sentencing them to an eternity of continuous battle.

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