Thursday, February 14, 2008

A cup of Hot Dei-Tobi plz!

It's supposed to be a day of good lovin'. What do I get? Major piss-ass situations! Probably the crappiest day since 2008 started! I am so annoyed but I'd rather not rant about it today. Maybe some other day. Because, although I think Valentine's Day is so overrated, I still think the popularity of the occassion is reason enough to celebrate so here's a Deidadra-Tobi love-love for all the romantics out there.

I love this Akatsuki pair! I mean, c'mon, one's totally pissed at the other, and the latter simply adores the former! They are sooooo made for each other!

I am so pissed to even be motivated to color this one. Gr. Hot choco plz!


Jay Decro said...

Hey! I see your following the Naruto Manga very closely as well, I'm going nuts every week with this stuff =X
I knew Sasuke wouldnt fall to his brother that easily though.
Thanks for the insides on some of this stuff, I kinda overlooked the fact that the other Akatsuki was waiting to pick up Itachi's leftovers.

Jay Decro said...

PS. I don't know why the link wasn't working before, it is now.

You live in the Phillipines? My gf is half filipino, shes gone there a few times with her dad, she loves it.

karaiwashi said...

Hey Jay,

Yes, I'm Filipino-Spanish. :)
Anyway, about Naruto, yup I read the manga every week. The Uchiha brothers are getting very boring but finally, there's been a bit of REAL action between them. :)

Thanks for dropping by. :)