Monday, February 18, 2008

Pulling myself out of the mud.

The weekend was a drag and my credit card bills are pulling me under so I have to work on a budget which I'm not really comfortable with. But hey if I want to get serious about cosplaying, taking Japanese lessons and wushu classes, I have to up my game a little. Commissions+work on budget+pay bills on time=gameplan on go.

Okay. Motivation. I need motivation.

I watched CSI season 5 ender. Tarantino's work. Nice. Very scary. poor Nicky!!! Also, colored DeiTobi----finally(Tobi robes look wierd, I have to redo the shading). And finished Nidaime's line art (though I have to fix his armor again). If that doesn't get my blood pumping, I don't know what will!

Oh! and I've also been constantly on the hunt for crystals that would look good as the Hokage's necklace. Not even those on eBay could be used for the costume. They all look so...plain. If anyone knows where I could find one like it...preferrably some kind of crystal, let me know.


sin said...

im sorry that your vday sucked. :( you're pushing through with getting jap lessons and going to wushu classes?

karaiwashi said...

well, not exactly my "vday" but the whole week in general. anyway, cosplay first beforee japanese and wushu. :) i'll get thre but with baby steps. sana din yung comics natin kaya laang anu ba yun lagi di nakukumpleto.