Tuesday, February 19, 2008

more speedpainting, also more slow progress...gimme some *fuck yeah*

Because the flow of my creativity is so slow today, let's take a trip to Suna with Deidara and Sasori. :)Boo downloaded the episode where Orochimaru summoned the 2 hokages to fight Sarutobi and asked me to watch it. :) I think the two are so cool! Why are Hokages so cool?! We should have Hokages too!! :D And because the episode got me so inspired, I was able to finish Nidaime's line art. :) Hopefully I'll get to color it by next week. :) *sigh* If only life were as easy as being a ninja. :) I bet that'd be fun! :)


fran said...

love the hat! ang ganda ng color!

karaiwashi said...

The sakkatg? The salakot. These are akatsuki guys. also part of the story tsunade is in. :) i love them too. :)