Monday, August 03, 2009

The Untold

I've been working on some stuff for The Untold, a CBRPG by Wandering Men Studios. Here are some of the stuff I finished coloring for them (artwork by John Gonzales)

Howling Horror
my first work for them. The moment I saw the artwork I thought "Silent Hill!! Ahlavet!!"

Faceless Monk
This was a bit harder to color than Howling Horror. I had to add colors and textures endlessly to get the rough and disgusting old slimy octopus look. Hate the teeth. I hope he doesn't come out of my closet or something.

Gree Gree
I had fun coloring this one. It was, of course, hell to color compared to the first two. What with all the details and stuff. But I just loved the pirate look he's got going. :) Smug little thing. :p

Ruin Stalker
Aha! This one has got the King Koopa look so working for him! Think: Mario Bros. bar bouncer. haha. :)

Gear Guard
This was my favorite. I've never really done any steampunk-themed artwork and this was a challenge for me. I started it out with gray tones but decided halfway through it that rust and copper works best for it. :)

Artwork Copyright © 2009 of Wandering Men Studios, LLC.

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