Friday, June 06, 2008


I don't know why I seem to be experiencing more artist's-block moments than the really out-of-the-box-creativity ones. I'm having a bit of trouble in composition and anatomy and the faces just look so weird to me, I can't seem to draw well without reference anymore! I'm about to burst into tears. It's just not okay to NOT be able to draw well. It used to...flow. Now I feel so dry, stupid and ordinary. I look at other artists' works and see how well they draw both female and male anatomy, even some great mechs and aliens on the side, but I can never be creative enough to draw something real and life-like. When I say real and life-like, I mean the ones with compositions well thought-of, the ones with great foresorthening, great fluid movements and the like.

I don't know, I seem to be swimming in a very deep pool of goo and it's pulling me down and I'm so depressed and everything. *sigh*

Mikhaiel of Alibata © 2008 karaiwashi

Kishimoto's Hinata-sama

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