Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Keeping my fingers crossed

I was feeling a bit down yesterday for no apparent reason so I asked Frankie if she wanted to go out last night. And she did. Because she was also having a rough day. We had "breakfast" for dinner at Seattle's (does that even make sense?). Did some kawaii poses which weren't too kawaii hahaha. :D

We both had a terribly long day yesterday. :D But seeing each other was a good way to end it.:)

"Let's be happy because we are kawaii!!!!"
When I came home, I saw a package on top of our dining table and it was for me. When I opened it, I saw a brochure from Academy of Art University (California) MAsters Degree. I've always wanted to take up masters from this school! The director of Animation works for Lucas' ILM! How cool is that!!! *sigh*. I texted my dad, hoping he'd want me to pursue that dream too.

"Hey, check out the Academy of Arts University *types in number*. Can you
inquire about the masteral in animation? Thanks."

No reply. YET. *grin*

Here's a sketch I did yesterday. He almost looks as sad and exhausted as I am. Spaced-out and all.. (but of course that is just my sad excuse for the lack of expression on his face.)

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fran said...

you have no idea how you made me feel better. its comforting that in this insane world and people trying to get into me, i still have a sister in you.

kawaiii!!!! *oro* hehe!