Friday, February 29, 2008

Featured on Artzmania's artbook!!!

I received an email from Artzmania this afternoon. I couldn't quite believe what was written:

"We have chosen, featured and released your
artworks on 1 issue at Artzmania Asian on Arts, an Exclusive Collaboration issue with
I was like “what? For real?"

It's an electronic artbook, but I still couldn’t help but feel ecstatic at the thought of being featured alongside artists I look up to. Know Spotbit? It’s an electronic publishing company that does “Paperless publishing”.

Anyway…gosh I saw it and it was really cool! Imagine being featured along with very talented Asian artists such as Harvey Tolibao, Kidchan, Kometani, Mike Estrella, Mobile Suit Gio, Asuka111, SJ Segovia, Virus-ac74, Yangqi, Archann, Comipa, Cushart among others. (I just browsed through it so I may have forgotten some...but there are a LOT of great artists featured)

There it is---right there! page 76-77! My head is spinning. @~@


fran said...

wow! galeng galeng! my heart swells with pride, sis! congrats! *palakpakan*
taas mo! =)

karaiwashi said...

thanks onee-chan. :D