Thursday, November 26, 2009

Frost of Summer: Chapter 1: Memory in a Snowflake: 0001

Something I'd like to further develop...

It does not have its own place in the web at the moment and will be residing here in my blog for the meantime. The plot and the characters are in its development stage and hopefully, when I have a whole chapter done, I'll have it up in its own place. :)

I know it seems far from my original style but I opt for a more anime-ish feel in the art and humor when it comes to comics. It's easier to draw (and write). And if I'm going to have to meet upload deadines, then this is probably the best style for an online graphic novel. I'm not just saying I chose this style particularly for practical reasons, but it's also the style I feel most comfortable with. That would be my primary reason. All the rest fall in second to that.

I know I'm having trouble with backgrounds, dynamic poses and panel flow but I guess this baby will help me improve in those aspects. :) Wish me luck, guys, and I hope you'll follow this one! :)

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