Friday, September 25, 2009

Illustration Friday: Infinite

For as far as the eye sees, there is desperation.
For as far as you reach, there seems to be no hope.
In the vast void where all shadows take shelter...
In the glow of lights that turn day to night...
Such irony must this beauty of nature create,
For in such infinite beauty
Lies infinite desolation

-Eruption, karaiwashi

For this week's Illustration Friday's topic: Infinite.

It's my first attempt at drawing an erupting volcano.
Adobe Photoshop CS2, Graphire 4, no reference.


Edge Alucard said...

wow...mas maganda yung eruption mo kesa sa ginawa ko sa deviant...^_^

karaiwashi said...

ahehehe. I'm working on environment painting eh. It's what I suck at the most. :)

Anonymous said...

The pre dawn of Mt.Fuji sorta. like the figures you have in your banner too. michael dailey