Friday, September 04, 2009

1st Video Walkthrough: Stormdancer

I forgot to put this:
Music: "Cloudeater" and "La la la Zoom zoom zoom" both by Incubus

Uh, sorry if the editing is crappy... :p
There's like...credits in the middle of the whole thing!! LOLz! don't mind that! :)

It's a 10-minute video of how I did the shading, highlights and details of an artwork I colored. Hey, this Livestream thing's pretty cool! :)

I'll have a better one ready soon. :) Maybe for my 80K pageviews in DA. :p

Thanks for putting up with my nonsense! :)

If you have time, visit my deviantART page. ;p


Congratulations, Jon and Sherry Zamar!!! You're going to make such wonderful parents!


Edge Alucard said...

nice....i learned a lot...^_^

karaiwashi said...

really??? wow. i was watching it and the video looked pretty lame to me. lolz..

but john's artwork is superb!