Tuesday, August 18, 2009

55,555 Kiriban

Your support is overwhelming! I've reached 50K views in, like, 10 seconds! (Well, that's an exaggeration, but, you get the point.)

And as a thank you for your support, I'm giving out a kiriban prize to whoever catches the 55,555 view of this site! :) Sounds like kidstuff? :) Weell. :)

Send me a screenshot with my page counter set at 55,555.
You get a 8.5:"x11", 300dpi colored artwork (of your choice).

No Photoshopped images, please, or I will haunt you in your sleep and eat your eyeballs for dinner!



Japanese キリ番 (kiriban), from 切りいい (kiri no ii ban) - "a number which is a good place to stop", "a round number".


kiriban (plural kiriban or kiribans)

  1. A milestone; an interesting number displayed on a web counter, such as 10000, 22222, etc.; particularly, one selected by the website owner for the purpose of giving a prize to whoever reaches it.
  2. A gift or prize given to one who reaches such a milestone.
  3. The system of giving gifts to those who reach web count milestones.


welshie said...

awwww.. cute character.. made me smile today :p.. i'm taking up the challenge.. 55,555 eh.. bring it!!!!!

karaiwashi said...

hahaha welshie! :) thanks!