Thursday, July 09, 2009

Plurk Layouts

Some of the plurk layouts I designed recently:

my most recent layout.

and Edge's layout. (Off-topic, he's gotten so good at drum-playing since he started his lessons with a professional drummer. Can't wait to hear him play live. )

Fran's layout. :) she specifically said there should be coffee and pictures. :)

Now if Janice had a plurk site, I'd immediately ambush her and ask for her password. :) She'll be getting a cool one from moi, you bet!!!

There. The 3 best friends. Now if only I can have coffee with all of them at the same time. :p That'd be so cool. (I am one step closer to that though. Having a coffee date with Edge and Fran on Sunday.)

Oh, I decided to post this here instead of my personal blog because of the designs. :D


fran said...

im excited for sunday! i love the layout. tenchu! *kiss*

kawen said...

nice plurk layouts. :D ayos.