Monday, May 11, 2009

More Practice sketches

I'm getting pretty rough at drawing.
And since I have a bit of free time, I decided to do some practice sketches (there are much more but I am really not proud of them. They will remain in my hard drive at the moment.)

I really, really, really need to practice more if I want to get better and not worse. It's really frustrating. I'm being offered a comic gig but I am seriously doubting my skills in drawing right now. :(

A study for a commission which I am not sure if I should take considering my muse is sleeping at the moment.

a quickie of my old old character

just some random skecthes of a boy. I'm not used to drawing boys so I wanted to do some practice sketches to study their expressions and their anatomy

1 comment:

Tony said...

yeah, that looks amazing tabs.

no need to doubt. just draw whatever comes to mind! i'm absolutely certain that it'll look amazing.