Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Coloring Tutorial: Skin

Here's a quick tutorial on how I color skin. I used Daimida's lineart for the contest. Since it's open for public use and since I'm participating, I figured it'd be okay to post it. Didn't show the whole image though. Moving on...

I cleaned the line art using levels, curves and a bit of dodge and burn. I sometimes use the eraser tool if there are still some unwanted pencil smudges or lines but in this case, levels and contrast did the trick since the lineart was pretty clean.

Then I used a slightly dark base color so I could see the skin tone. Then I lay the flat color for the skin using a brush tool. You can use the pen tool if it's easier for you. In this project, I decided to color from dark to light.

Next, I added some rough highlights and shading.

Then I refined the shading and highlights a bit, also adding a bit of red and greenish tones since the skin isn't just flesh but with a bit of greenish shade because of veins and whatnot.

Then I fixed the saturation and added more contrast by adding highlights and shadow in different yellowish tones.

Then I went into the details like the shadow on the face, and shadows of breasts over her torso.

Then I shall proceed with other parts of the image. I pretty much do the same thing for all elements, ending with the eyes. :)

That's all for now.

Cheers, Big ears!

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