Friday, October 31, 2008


Pose was inspired by a frame in Basilisk manga.
But he's no one in particular. Just some Shinsengumi guy. I love the Shinsengumi. They rock.


fran said...

wow. took a while since you last posted something. BUSY talaga. heheh. miss you.

ay shinsengumi rin sa samurai x -- led by aoshi shinomori.

karaiwashi said...

Yep. Actually (if I remember correctly) the Shinsengumi are a group of warriors who were anti-Tokugawa. The initial members were origiinally from Roshigumi who were loyal to Tokugawa. I think. I'm not so sure though. Pero alam ko totoong group sila. =)

Anonymous said...

your drawings are like awesome XDD
congrats on being featured on the book.

Stumbled to your blog when I was browsing for Resident Evil stuffs XD
Draw more Jill!! she looks good.

David garcia cruz said...

Hola paseando un poco por aqui me topado con tu blog, eh de decir que tienes muchas cosas y muchas de muy buenas, me alegra saber que hay tanto artista por la red, muy buenos trabajos me ire pasando de vez en cuando para ver que vas subiendo.

un saludo