Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gift Art: Taho-ified

Just one of those days. couldn't find something I'd like to color. Couldn't draw. So I decided to just...paint. I chose to do a digital painting of Taho's id because:
1.) she looks so fresh in that pic. not like she isn't. like she just got out of the shower. makes me feel like i just got out of the shower too! (and i really must take a shower when i get home. i hate the stupid humid weather!!!)

2.) she's the first one who told me to try line-less coloring and I'm doing my best to come up with good artworks using that approach though still not satisfied with the ones I've done, but I've discovered it's a pretty neat style and that it is feasible for me. So this is kind of a "thank you" to her for helping me discover that I CAN do it, just like the rest of the DA great ones.

3.) she's been pretty down lately so i hope this'll cheer her up even for just a bit. :D prepare to be tahoified!!
I was going to post it in DA and say "guess who" but the pose is a dead giveaway. :D


Anonymous said...


Spank you very much. I'm so happy! XD

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! very well done!

karaiwashi said...

Thanks much! I wish you'd say who you were. :D

shiela-la said...

you're a genius! only aliens are capable of doing these things! ;-)

karaiwashi said...

gaga ka talaga!! labshoo. alien ka din eh. :D kaya nga tayo nagkakaintindihan!!!