Thursday, April 17, 2008

Secrets and Love Affairs from Another World

I have a sister named Francis and we live--mostly--in our own happy little world. She’s married to a guy named Neil who writes insanely brilliant literature and has captivated his audience by his witty imaginings. I, on the other hand, am married to a guy named Charles who writes and makes equally brilliant music. He is the quintessence of rock and roll, and is really the one who “brings sexy back”. They make us happy, we make them happy…

But Francis and I share a little secret.

We share a lover who goes by the name Antonio. He rocks our little world with his intense percussion abilities and his dazzling smile and the warm look in his eyes that speak his soul brings us indescribable elation I’d never trade anything for.

Neither of us want to give him up or claim him for ourselves because then Niel’d probably write crap about crap and Charles would never be able to sing anything not reflecting how broken he’d be. So we remain silent and happily share him and he enjoys our company and that’s that. =)

The little world I share with my sister Francis. =)


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