Wednesday, February 06, 2008

i'm taping my feet to the floor

I have a lot of blogs and I've gotten rid of most of them. I've already set up 2 sketchblogs and 3 blogs in blogger, 1 multiply blog, 1 freewebs. I've dumped all blogger accounts and left my freewebs hanging again.

....but for valid reasons, I promise!

The Multiply blog's still up but it's impossible to post stuff there now since I mostly rely on our office's internet connection because I either rest or work offline at home, and our company's IT blocked access to Multiply as most of the employees here post even during work hours and are eating a motherload of bandwidth.

Freewebs is slow no matter how fast your connection is. It's like watching a moonman walk backwards in slow mo.

And then there's Blogger. I like posting here because it's easy to post. But the layouts are so lame and I'm not that good with web scripting or CSS layouts so I often get tired of my blog layouts and I'd abandon them as fast as I set them up.

But I've always wanted a sketchblog (where I could also rant) and have a reason to make at least 4 artworks a week or a sketch a day that doesn't have to be in DeviantArt. So I set this blog up, keeping my fingers crossed, hoping I'd find someone to do the scripting for me. I'm taping my feet to the floor. I MUST, at all costs, keep this sketchblog! I mustn't think it's as disposable as my old gmail address!

Don't ask.

Anyway, I'm excited to post a lot of sketches I've been doodling over the past few weeks. I really can't afford to make finished artworks out of them since I've a shitload of stuff to do at work, but ispiration gets to me from time to time and I'm lucky to finish a few here and there.

I've recentlty finished reading chapter 386 of the Naruto Manga and I can't help but laugh at the fact that Itachi is pushed over his wits' end!

The FACE! It's bound to launch a million ships! EPIC, I say! EPIC!

He's never done that. He waits for 386 chapters to show the crowd that his so-called composure is really bordering on insanity! I should've known when I first saw his purple nailpolish!!! And I thought Sasuke was going to be the first to snap. Really. Count on the Uchihas to crack you up. I have a feeling this is going to be better than the Hidan-Kakuzu gagfest. Yokyokyok!!!

Meanwhile, here are a few Akatsuki sketches. Don't you just love them? Who wouldn't?


sin said...

new blog from you to watch! -raises flags- i hope i haven't missed an entry. ^w^

karaiwashi said...

nope. you nailed the first entry! :D like i saaid, sketchblog, eto na.. only 3 left to maintain: this, DA and multiply which i dont even touch anymore, darned IT.

sin said...

hay multiply. ganun ba talaga katagal magload yung pages sa multiply?

karaiwashi said...